Is swimming with dolphins your dream?

Swim with dolphins. On the main road, you will see salt remainings in Tamarin, a wonderful place where we see how salt is produced locally. On the same road, there is very a nice commercial, the Barachois Mall. There, you will find good restaurants, shops and Shoprite supermarket. On Saturdays, there are fruits and fresh products on sale.

You will witness an incredible show and meeting. A moment that will stay with you for life. You can swim near them, admire these marine mammals in their natural environment and hear their noises.

Dolphins are harmless and soft animals. They are equipped with a superior intelligence from all the animals and has a great sensitivity.

A sweet memory for many tourists, because it is one of the most fascinating experiences and encounters you'll have in Mauritius. You will be in their midst, in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.

Swimming with the dolphins will be an unforgettable experience for the family, as a couple or with friends.

An incredible show and an exceptional experience.

Half-day or full day - discovery of the dolphins. Embark aboard the motorboat. Jump in the water with dolphins (diving equipment provided by the crew) * Hotels departure times:

North - 06 h / West - 06 h 15 / East - 6:00 / South East - 06 h 00 / South West - 6:30

Do you want to swim with dolphins during your stay in Mauritius?

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