Le Morne

Kitesurf spot at Le Morne

This famous spot is ideal for beginners, for Freestylers and for those who simply love waves.

With its Kite Lagoon, beginning this sport in Le Morne is perfect; the water is flat and not too deep. The One Eye is one of the most beautiful waves in the island, everyone will be pleased.

The wind is Onshore on the Kitelagoon and Side-shore on the One Eye. It is 5 to 10 knots more powerful than any other spots in Mauritius.

Various kitesurf schools and hotels are available at Le Morne.

Do not hesitate to book a hotel room or a session directly on our website.

Pointe d'Esny

Kitesurf spot at Pointe D'Esny

Situated in the East part of Mauritius, this spot is not far from the airport.

This large and splendid lagoon is protected by the coral reef.

The wind is Side-shore (South and South-East).

We selected 2 types of accommodation for your trip in Pointe D'Esny.

If you want a cool atmosphere, waterside place, we recommend the guest houses and the 2 huts managed by William.

If you want a modern and luxury place, we recommend a Villa situated by the beach.

Do not hesitate to request a quote.

Belle Mare

Kitesurf spot at Belle Mare

Two different spots are available here, however they share the same large lagoon.

Further in the North, Belle Mare has become less accessible for Kitesurf because of the popular swimming zone.

Palmar, situated a little further in the south, is more accessible with its lagoon being shallow and very flat, and its small waves towards the coral reef. The wind type is Side On.

Poste Lafayette

Kitesurf spot at Poste Lafayette

Situated further in the North of Belle Mare, this spot is accessible via the public beach.

It is ideal to learn Kitesurf there thanks to its closed bay and the various schools available.

Anse La Raie

Kitesurf spot at Anse La Raie

Located at the extreme north of the island, Anse la Raie is a versatile spot which is appropriate for all levels and all programs.

The lake is divided into 3 parts:

  • Waves: The waves are clean with a nice frequency. However, since they are far from the shore, one must be very careful.
  • Freestyle: A flat basin closed by the rocks and the isles situated in front of the spot. The latter is perfect for beginners in freestyle with its shallow water.
  • Freeride: A flat zone is available across the rocks, the water is endless and sometimes choppy.

The take-off area on the grass is huge, but it may be perilous in the water because of the rocks.

Anse la Raie is usually less populated than other spots in Mauritius.

Cap Malheureux

Kitesurf spot at Cap Malheureux

Just like Anse La Raie, Cap Malheureux is situated in the extreme North of Mauritius, next to the famous little red roof chapel.

This spot is a little bit troublesome because of the lack of wind and the presence of many boats. It's better to go a little further near Amber Island. The wind blows from North-East to North-West.

This huge blue lagoon is perfect for Freestyle or Freeride.

Rodrigues Island

Kitesurf spot at Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island is about one hour and thirty minutes away by plane from Mauritius.

The Freestyle competition ‘RIFK’ is held there each year.

This place is ideal for Kitesurf thanks to its lack of massive tourism and its huge blue and shallow lagoon.