Bel Ombre Kitesurf Spot in Mauritius

Located in the South of the island, the spot is conducive to the winds, it often works very well when the wind does not reach Le Morne Kitesurf Spot because of the clouds.

The wind is Side One with a site at the edge of the Reef wave.

Ideal with wind from South and South East, it will be Side.

Accessible via the public beach, the take-off area is small, if you want to be quiet, you can plan a day at the C Beach Club ,which offers sun loungers, pool, restaurant. You can spend the day there.

There is a kitesurf school which offers assistance for the take-off and landing, as well as safety at sea for €10 day.

The Spot is also surrounded by hotels, we offer the best rates to sleep directly on this awesome Spot of kitesurfing.

Do not hesitate to request a quote.