When to come to Mauritius

Mauritius is located on the southern hemisphere of the globe, in the tropics. In Mauritius, the seasons are reversed compared to ours, therefore the whole island has a very pleasant climate and weather throughout the year. You can thus enjoy this tropical paradise and its beautiful beaches whenever you want.

Due to the trade winds coming from South-east, the heat is always enjoyable and not hard to bear.

April, the month of transition from summer to winter…

April is without a doubt the ideal month to visit Mauritius. Temperatures are slightly less hot than in summer, with an average of 28°C, a dry weather, and a comfortable water of 26°C, what more to enjoy this island?


Southern winter from May to October

Winter usually starts in May and ends in October, with the lowest temperatures of the year. 17°C at night and 25°C at day. Sometimes the anticyclones will drop the temperature by 2°C but at a very specific time. The days are very sunny and you will enjoy a nice sunrise at 6 am as well as a gorgeous sunset at 6 pm. At this time of the year, showers are more frequent, however they are nothing like Europe’s. There will be heavier thunderstorms which will freshen you.

Winter is obviously the ideal period for Kitesurf lovers, with trade winds of 10 or 20 knots approximately.

Austral summer from November to March

Summer starts in November and ends in March. It is a hot and moist time with a sunshine which will gently wake you up around 5.30 am and will accompany you throughout your day until 7 pm.

Rainfalls are abundant at this time of the year. It is noted that cyclones barge in from January to March. Temperatures exceed 30°C but the heat is bearable, or even pleasant thanks to the trade winds. The water is more pleasant and will refresh you with its 28°C.

One must be very careful at this time of the year because of cyclones. With a bit of luck, the cyclone will miss the island and the latter will enjoy refreshing heavy rainfalls. In opposite, if the cyclone is right on the island, it can cause significant damage. Consequently if you come to Mauritius at this time, your hotel should provide you with an explanatory note with the right things to do in the event of a cyclone alert. In fact, there are 4 alert phases relative to the level of the cyclone intensity.