Outings and activities in Mauritius

As we think of Mauritius, we instantly think of white sand, coconut trees and blue lagoons. As a dream destination for honeymoons, Mauritius is usually only recognised for its heavenly beaches. However, there is so much more to discover. It is best to rent a car and discover every corner of the island at your own pace. Here are a few places of interest of Mauritius.


Located between Flic-en-Flac and Tamarin in the district of Black River, Casela is the shelter of some 140 international bird species. The most popular is the Mauritian 'Pink Pigeon', one of the rarest in the world. Over the time, the park has evolved and now houses over 1000 animals, including lions, giant tortoises, giraffes, dromedaries, rhinoceros and more.

The park gives you the opportunity to walk with the king of animals and other big cats. Supervised by professionals, you can cuddle them and see them play and eat. One of the newest activities is the 45 minutes Camel ride. A shorter version is also available for those who simply want to know what it feels like to mount this majestic animal.

Casela is also the ideal destination for adrenaline rush lovers with its 400 meters tyrolean and the 'Canyon Swing', a bungee jump which lets you see the canyons of the park at a height of 45 metres, where you can see a few flying species if you are lucky. The Nepalese bridge, the 'Via Ferrata' and the canyoning will also give an unforgettable adrenaline rush.


For reptile fans, this park, located in the South of Mauritius, is the ideal place. It houses several species of reptiles and the main stars, the Nile crocodiles, which you can observe in security, as well as iguanas and geckos. You will also find giant tortoises, bats, monkeys, wild boar as well as a huge collection of butterflies and insects. It is also possible to feed and cuddle the giant tortoises.

And if you have never tasted crocodile meat, why not try it at the restaurant 'The Hungry Crocodile’ inside the park?


Discover the aquatic fauna and flora of Mauritius at the Aquarium located in Pointe aux Piments, a village in the North-west of the island. The aquarium is the shelter of some 200 multicolored marine species; local guides will be there to identify them one by one for you. You will be amazed by the radiant flora under the waters of the island and the strange creatures that live there.

You can also observe a few freshwater species such as tilapias and carps as well as crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, and shrimps. Then you will find the biggest basin of the aquarium (15 metres), containing turtles and sharks. And if you are there at 11am, you will be able to see the feeding of the latter.


The botanical garden of Mauritius, also known as ‘Jardin de Pamplemousses’, is located in the North of the island in the village of Pamplemousses, close to Port Louis. If you are in Mauritius, you have to visit this place, it is one of the more popular attractions among tourists.

The garden is well known to naturalists across the world for its countless species of native and exotic plants, including the famous giant lily, the legendary baobab tree as well as the exceptional talipot palm, which flourishes once all 60 years and then dies.

You can also admire the ‘Mon Plaisir’ chateau inside of the garden. Built in 1735, this chateau was once the home of French Governor Mahe de Labourdonnais.


Ile Aux Cerfs is an 87 hectares isle located on the East of Mauritius. It is well-known for its incredible white sand and its numerous nautical activities such as scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing. You can go there by catamaran or speedboat through the operators that you will find on the Trou D’eau Douce public beach. The isle has a 5 star hotel, a golf course, a private beach and several restaurants where you can enjoy popular and delicious local dishes.


For adventurers, the ideal outing is hiking in the Black River Gorges. Located in the South-west of Mauritius, this park has an area of 6754 hectares. Discover breath-taking waterfalls and some 300 native and endemic plants, as well as bird species which are only found in Mauritius. You will also be able to take a refreshing bath in a sumptuous river. There are two information centres which can provide you maps and important tips for the exploration of the park. You will find an information centre at the East entry and the other at the West one.


Chamarel is a place you should not miss when visiting Mauritius. It is a village located in the South-west of the island in the district of Black River. It is widely visited every day thanks to the ‘7 Coloured Earth’, different colours dunes of land. It is the result of volcanic rocks cooled at different temperatures. It is possible to admire this natural phenomenon at ‘La Vallee des Couleurs’. In addition, nature lovers will be able to contemplate the cascade of Chamarel. Considered as the most beautiful waterfall of Mauritius, it has a height of 85 metres.

One of the newest activities of the village of Chamarel is the 'Curious Corner'. This peculiar house is located in front of the 7 Coloured Earth, not far from the village of Chamarel. Its unusual décor will amaze you. Both adults and children will be entertained. It is recommended that you bring your own camera. The visit of the 30 mind-blowing attractions can last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Some of the activities are the Mirror Maze, the Soul Chamber, the Upside-down room, and the Laser music room.