Kitesurf Strapless and Waves Training courses

You already know kitesurfing and want to take it up a notch? Kitesurf Maurice offers strapless courses to become an expert in the field.

Mauritius has the wind in its sails when it comes to the practice of water sports. That's why, it attracts many tourists and sports followers each year. With the regularity of the trade winds, the beaches of turquoise lagoons and its warm waves... There is no better way to enjoy a holiday!

Who says sports, says thrills and adrenaline... If you have ever had the experience of traditional kitesurfing, it's time to move to the next level.

Strapless kitesurfing is an evolution of the classic version. Original, free and pleasant, kiting without footstraps technique is increasingly popular with adrenaline rush lovers.

Enjoy Kitesurf without straps

the strapless version, you will finally know the real pleasures of gliding. You'll discover more ways to ride; You can let go and perform the most spectacular moves.

Indeed, the straps give little mobility to feet and you cannot make many moves. Also, you need to get your feet out and re-position them whenever you change the edge.

Strapless Kitesurfing prevents injuries compared to traditional kitesurfing, where you have to force more on your ankles.

To get to this level, excellent physical condition is required. In this sense, the kiteboarding schools in Mauritius prepares you maximally to surf without foostraps in all conditions.

To experience strapless kitesurfing in Mauritius, call Kitesurf Maurice.

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