Learn kitesurfing in a few lessons in Mauritius

Kitesurf Maurice offers quality education to live the kiteboarding experience in the beautiful spots of the island of Mauritius. For that, practical courses are available to all aspirants Kiters

Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite water sports. Our professional instructors will be happy to introduce you to kitesurfing in the most interesting destinations of the island. With these regular winds, its beautiful beaches with a turquoise lagoon, its relatively warm waves...The island meets all the conditions for kitesurf.

However, if you are new to this sport, it is recommended to learn kitesurfing in a school, one that is IKO certified (International kiteboarding organization) instead of learning alone. The IKO standard is guarantor of the quality of a school.

The kitesurfing internship program in Mauritius

As we know that everyone doesn't have the same rate, we offer packages tailored to all levels. In addition, the monitor adapts his pedagogy depending on your pace of evolution. It will help you in the choice of material, one that will be most suited to your needs. Our goal is that you will be autonomous through these courses.

We offer you 5 sessions of 3 hours; 2 students per instructors to provide you with an optimal education.

Our sessions include boat rides, the preparation of the material and water initiation.

First, there will be a short theoretical lesson on the correct movements to perform and security rules.

Lessons include exercises control of the wing: piloting, dragging... When you master the basics, we will offer more advanced exercises.

When you're ready, you can maintain the balance on the board, control the kite..., you can begin to practice kitesurf in all serenity.

At the end of the course, we will give you an IKO card. This certification will authenticate your ability to easily practice kitesurfing. In addition, this card allows you to go in all IKO certified schools in the world. So you can fully enjoy your passion everywhere.

Want to learn Kitesurf in the most beautiful lagoons of the world and in the best conditions?

Kitesurfing introductory courses in Le Morne, Mauritius

Ecole de Kitesurf Ile Maurice
Ecole de Kitesurf Ile Maurice
Ecole de Kitesurf Ile Maurice
Ecole de Kitesurf Ile Maurice
Ecole de Kitesurf Ile Maurice