All activities and outings in Mauritius

Want to explore Mauritius and discover all the exotic places?

We can organise countless outings according to your wants. Swim with dolphins, big game fishing, visit to Chamarel Rum Distillery, visit to Port-Louis market etc…

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Activities and outings in Mauritius

Want to explore the island differently? With our guides, you will discover all the must-see places in Mauritius.

La Route du Thé

As from 90 €

La Route du Thé

First thing to do before going there is to check whether the museum is open and the factory is not in maintenance. Even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t see it, however you could miss some important stages in the tea-making process.

Until you reach your destination at Bois Chéri, you will be able to admire the view, traditional villages, traditionally coloured houses and local youngsters, far away from tourist areas… The real Mauritius. And you will be surrounded by tea plantation.

The Grimbeau family, a well-known one in Mauritius, owns 3 properties since slavery period.

The visit does not last long but you’ll come out full of knowledge and information. The factory visit is appropriate for both adults and children; you will be able to observe the machines without any danger, and see how the tea is processed.

After the visit, a restaurant is available where you can enjoy marvellous local meals and taste many flavours of tea.

The children will love the zoo and its monkeys, crocodiles, huge bats. It is also possible to pet an iguana and meet giant tortoises. The oldest tortoise is 105 years old. Impressive!

There is at least 12 tortoises and they all live in freedom in the park.

Before you go, you can visit the souvenir shop and buy tea at a lower price than in supermarkets or others places.

Enjoy a wonderful day with a guide tour at the factory, stop by the chalet for tea tasting, discovery of the St Aubin colonial house and the Anthurium and Vanilla plant greenhouse, lunch included + drinks fee. Go back via Gris Gris for a photo.


7 Cascades

As from 40 €

Quad biking and Buggy

As from 80 €

Quad or Buggy

No lack of activities in Mauritius.

Enjoy quad biking in the wild with your children, friends or lover at “Domaine de l'Etoile” in 200 ha, you will discover breath-taking landscape.

Explore remote but amazing locations such as sugarcane fields, lush forests, hills and rivers. Unique sceneries of Mauritius.

For 2 hours, you will be able to discover romantic areas or wild ones, an amazing experience for the whole family.

At the peak, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains and the horizon. An unforgettable scene that will mark your trip.

A guide will accompany you, he will ensure smooth running of the journey and provide you with information and stories about the visited places.

Originality and security are guaranteed.

7 Colored Earth

As from 7 €

7 Coloured Earth

Before reaching the 7 Coloured Earth, you will be able to admire the Cascade of Chamarel, a breath-taking gift of nature of 100m.

Few metres later, you will discover the Coloured Valley, a unique tourist site.

This amazing place is a private property, you can only enter by paying a small fee but it is really worth it.

You will surely be amazed; it is said that the colours change according to the sunlight, however you will be able to see clearly the different colours: yellow, orange, purple and blue.

The 7 Coloured Earth of Chamarel is a geological phenomenon and one of the most visited places by tourists. This small (7500 m2) and beautiful place is located in the middle of a dense forest. The soil there is unusual as it has been created by volcanic rocks cooled at different temperatures, hence the different colours.

The rock formations are a true gift of Mother Nature. The different colours of the soil are beautiful and unique. If it’s sunny, you will be able to take gorgeous photos, however if it’s rainy, you will have to wait and see the colours through the ponds of water.

You will miss an amazing view if you don’t visit this place when coming to Mauritius.

Port Louis visit

As from 8 €

Port Louis visit

Port-Louis is located on the North-West coast and is the main port of Mauritius. This town is famous for its old local market, where you can find fruits and vegetables vendors as well as souvenirs, beach wear, or towels. You can also taste the spicy and coloured local food.

Here are some places of interest in Port-Louis:

  • Bertrand François La Bourdonnais statue – situated in front of the port, you can read a brief story of his life
  • The Blue Penny Museum – situated in the South-West of Caudan Waterfront, you will find art collections, stamp and cards. An important cultural history of Mauritius.
  • The Governor’s house and Queen Victoria’s statue – On the royal road, you will find a beautiful colonial house and Queen Victoria’s statue.
  • Adelaide fort – This fort is located at the peak of Port-Louis, not far from the city. You will find cannons and The Citadel. From here you will enjoy an exceptional view on the city.
  • Champ de Mars – A place where horse races occur regularly. A much appreciated sport by the locals and a cultural heritage of the British colony.
  • Caudan Waterfront – A popular place in front of the port. You will find a shopping centre, boutiques and souvenir shops, as well as cafes, restaurants and fresh juice shops.

An outing can be organised:

Visit of the market, Adelaide fort, the Caudan Waterfront and finally the Botanical garden of Pamplemousses where you will find a huge collection of exotic and indigenous plants. After lunch, you will be able to see the famous chapel at Cap Malheureux.

L'Aventure du Sucre

As from 12 €

L'aventure du Sucre

L’Aventure du sucre is more than a museum and history, the sugar industry forms part of the identity of the country.

On the way there, you will see various popular movie posters and famous pictures.

This museum was once a sugar factory, so you will be able to see the machines as they were before. You will learn the history of 250 years of sugar production in Mauritius; for many years sugar production has been the primary activity for the locals.

Everyone will be pleased, you will learn stories which can be told around you after your trip to Mauritius.

You will be able to learn the history of Mauritius, origins of the population and why the latter is so diverse nowadays.

L’Aventure du Sucre is open every day, even on public holidays as from 9am to 5pm.

Curious Corner

As from 8 €

Curious Corner Chamarel

Curious Corner Chamarel is an ideal outing if it’s raining but you want to go out anyway.

This peculiar house is located in front of the 7 Coloured Earth, not far from the village of Chamarel.

Its unusual décor will amaze you. Both adults and children will be entertained. It is recommended that you bring your own camera. The visit of the 30 mind-blowing attractions can last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The staff is friendly and welcoming, and willing to explain the concepts of every activity. The entry fee is not expensive.

A day at Casela

As from 19 €

A day at Casela

Located between Flic-en-Flac and Tamarin in the district of Black River, Casela is the shelter of some 140 species of birds of the world. The most popular is the 'Pink Pigeon' of Mauritius, one of the rarest in the world. Over the time, the park has evolved and now shelters over 1000 animals, including lions, giant tortoises, giraffes, dromedaries, Rhinoceros and more.

You will be able to walk with the king of the animals and other big cats. Supervised by professionals, you can cuddle and see them play and feed. One of the newest activities of the park is the 45 minutes camel ride. A shorter version is also available for those who simply want to know what it feels like to mount this majestic animal.

Casela is also the ideal destination for thrill-seekers thanks to its 400 meters tyrolean and the 'Canyon Swing', a bungee jumping which lets you admire the canyons of the park at 45 meters from the ground, you will also be able to see a few flying species if you’re lucky. The Nepalese bridge, the 'Via Ferrata' and the canyoning will also let you experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

Chamarel Rum Distillery

As from 40 €

Chamarel Rum Distillery

Among the few historical and stunning discoveries of your trip in Mauritius, we recommend a visit of the Chamarel Rum Distillery. You will of course be accompanied by an expert who will guide you through the factory, behind the scenes of this one century old distillery, which is still running today.

The visit of the distillery includes a full explanation about the process and acquisition of rum obtained from sugar cane plant juice. You will be able to see sugar cane fields around the area. Do not forget your camera to capture the landscape and the thriving environment which surround the area.

At the end of the tour, you will be able to taste the exquisite rum of the distillery, a much appreciated moment by the visitors. You can choose among their best rums, an exciting discovery.

Come with your family, your lover or friends. The visit is short and very instructive for both adults and children.

A restaurant is also available and you can explore the estate.

Water activities and sea trips in Mauritius

Want to discover the most amazing beaches of the island or swim with dolphins? We selected the best offers.

Le Morne | Tamarin

Surf courses

As from 40 €

Surf courses at Tamarin or Le Morne

Swim with dolphins

As from 70 €

Swim with dolphins

Swim with dolphins. On the main road, you'll be able to see salt-making at Tamarin, a wonderful place where you can see how salt is produced locally. On the same road, there is a very pleasant shopping centre, le Barachois, where you can find nice restaurants, shops and a supermarket, Shoprite. On Saturdays, they sell fresh fruits and other fresh products.

You will witness an incredible show and a very special encounter. An unforgettable experience. You will be able to swim next to them, admire these amazing marine mammals in their natural habitat and hear their sounds.

Dauphins are gentle and harmless animals. They have superior intelligence compared to all animals, as well as a high sensitivity.

It is one of the most fascinating experiences in Mauritius. You will be in their habitat, the deep waters of the Indian Ocean.

Share this exceptional experience with your family, lover or friends.

Half Day or Full Day – Meet the dolphins on a motorboat. Diving Equipment provided by the crew

*Departure times for hotels in the:

North – 6am

West – 6:15 am

East – 6am

South East – 6am

South West – 6:30am

SeaKart Mauritius

As from 140 €


Ride the Seakart ™ of Fun Adventure and navigate along the south-west coast of Mauritius for a 1 hour tour, half-day or full day. During the visit, you will enjoy breath-taking views and observe the marine life of Mauritius.

In Mauritius, there are many activities such as the trip in catamaran at Ile Aux Cerfs, enjoy the view in a speedboat as well as parasailing. But the SeaKart experience is certainly one of the best attractions that you could ever try on the island.

Sea kart is a fun nautical sport, you can ride the kart with your lover, family, or friends... This is a unique experience and we recommend it to those who love Jet Ski.

This is an astonishing activity, full of adrenaline rush. No need to worry about security as instructors will be sailing near you during the entire activity.

The staff is very professional and nice to customers.

The sea landscape is absolutely majestic. You can only fall in love with the incredible and heavenly view in front of you.

During the activity, you can switch driver and even stop for a swim in the clear blue water.

At the end of the activity, clean showers and changing rooms are available.

Ile aux Cerfs by SpeedBoat

As from 55 €

Ile aux Cerfs by SpeedBoat

Ile aux Cerfs. Treat yourself a day of complete relaxation: turquoise sea water, white sand, sun, swim and taste delicious local cuisine.

Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the most beautiful places to discover when coming to Mauritius. There you will be able to enjoy large amazing beaches. Ile Aux Cerfs is ideal for all types of water sports.

The landscape is absolutely majestic and heavenly!

The trip to Ile aux Cerfs is approximately 15 minutes in a relaxed and spacious motorboat, and the outing lasts 6 hours usually.

Once you reach the isle, you will be welcomed with a refreshing fruit cocktail. You can choose if you want to sunbathe, swim, discover the magnificent lagoon or enjoy the aquatic activities!

Lunch is served at noon. A few restaurants are available where you can taste seafood, Indian food and many more.

One of the best activities you can experience is parasailing. It will give you adrenaline rush as well as a breath-taking view on the whole isle.

Underwater sea walk

As from 30 €

Underwater sea walk

Underwater sea walk is a simple activity where you can discover the colourful wild life of Mauritian waters. You can observe the marine life of the exotic fish of Mauritius.

Ilot Gabriel cruise

As from 50 €

Ilot Gabriel cruise

Want to discover Mauritius and all its small isles? You should visit Ilot Gabriel!

Ilot Gabriel is situated in the South-West of Mauritius. It is one of the many natural reserves. It is ideal for snorkelling.

The best way to go there is by catamaran, the journey begins in Grand Baie and lasts an hour and a half. It is very much worth it, another paradise on earth.

If you are lucky enough, you can even see dolphins (cross your fingers), which make your day even more amazing.

When you reach the beach, you can relax, swim, read a book on the white sand, under the coconut trees or admire fish in a clear blue water. You can also dive in the coral reefs.

You can also rent reclining chairs.

For lunch, drinks and barbecue are offered. Vegetarians are not forgotten!

This island is the habitat for some animals and birds, it is a protected area.

Big game fishing

As from 70 €

Big game fishing

At the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the most famous spot in the world for big game fishing. (Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, shark, mako, tiger shark, yellow tuna, dogtooth tuna and other species)

The best place for big game fishing in Mauritius is in the south of the island in Black River but there the North is nice too.

Marlin fishing contests are usually held in the south at Le Morne in the month of November.

It is recommended to spend a full day or a half one.

The fee is about Rs 20 000, a boat for 6 persons will be provided as well as 4 fisherman’s posts.

Most of the boats start from Black River, the morning activities end around 1pm and the full-day activities end around 4pm.

You will be able to fish blue marlins but also swordfish if you’re lucky. The most caught fish are the skipjack tuna, seerfish, and bream. It is recommended to check the weather and climate for your big game fishing.

Big game fishing is a real sport and a nice activity to experience in Mauritius.